Wear the Rubber off your Soles

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March 05, 2006


adam h

First, Robb - I am recalling a Taco Bell in Oxford when you asked for a soft taco with no lettuce, and were told by the cashier that they could not make tacos without lettuce. This went on for a minute or so before the manager drifted over. You made your appeal only to be assured that, no, they could not make tacos without lettuce. You explained that it was a great deal for them, because you were offering to pay the same amount to actually receive less food, but no, they would not be moved. I knew better than to laugh or even smile as I watched you mutter profanities and pick every damn piece of lettuce off that taco.

And Steve - what is it with you and breakfast and weddings? You ate a donut out of the garbage at Robb's as penance for similar repastary nonchalance.


Next time I see you I'm going to punch you harder than I punched Adam when he kept us at the fair too long and sure enough Angie Queen walked up. Your crime? Making me bring to recall Jackal's drummer in bikini briefs while the lead singer played the chain saw. Some things aren't meant to be remembered.
And by the way, I'm surprized that the breakfast we had in Dayton with that jerk in the old blue Toyota pulled up on the sidewalk honking on the airhorn he had installed didn't make the list. One would think we were making him late to his wedding or something.
I also must take umbrage with Prince Caspian making your list. I know it's not the best of the seven, but I named my daughter Narnia. Wait until she's old enough for me to tell her you hate everything about her.
And lastly, the movie that we saw that didn't get its proper derision was Robin Hood:Prince of bad Accents. How bad an actor do you have to be to begin a sentence with an English accent and end the very same as though you had landed in Iowa?

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