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December 11, 2005



First, may I say that I followed the link to the meet results and that saw women's pole vault was part of the competition.
I was always a bit miffed that the explanation given for why women didn't vault in high school made it sound like it was some sort of physical impossibility.

"Well, her center of gravity makes it impossible for a female to clear a bar whilst holding a pole..."

Uh, yeah.

So, anyway, congratulations on retuning to a sub-5 mile. It's no great accomplishment except for the fact that the rest of us who raced with you in the early 90's are so old and fat that the very thought of running a whole mile seems too painful to bother.(yeah, I know... I'm still thin, but believe me, I'm seriously approaching maximum density)

You're a hero to all of us, man.

John Ruberry

Still good. And those nine ahead of you: Did they run a marathon in November?

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