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November 15, 2005


Irish Wolf Hound

That's right, my Irish Wolf Hound can take me any day...

Kirk Hanna


steven davies

Owners must take care for their canines.And the best way to do this is dog training.


I forgot to mention: (1) it was a pitbull, (2) I had great fear and apprehension of imminent bodily harm, (3) I had on my headphones and for all I know there was some owner somewhere calling the dog home -- "Lady(or other harmless sounding name here). Come Lady. C'mon sweetie-pie. Oh, poor girl. Did that crazy running and yelling strange man scare you?".


I generally agree. I run almost daily through an old neighborhood in east Toledo that can be rough. I never worry about the people messing with me -- it is the dogs, which in my experience, have a very limited ability to behave rationally, that give me cause for concern. This neighborhood seems to be home to an inordinate number of angry, territorial dogs -- including many pitbulls. I guess in this neighborhood it must be considered cheap home security. Most of the time people are responsible dog owners and keep the dogs behind a fence, or, when out and about for a doodie break, on a leash. Once in a while someone is either irresponsible or lazy and allows one of these dogs (remember, angry and territorial) to roam free. I encountered just such an animal a couple of months ago where he an I were the only individuals on the street. He came tearing out from some hidden alcove and came directly at me from my right. He barked and growled at me. I instinctually exhaled an "Oh Dude!" as he approached but did not panic. He stopped short of jumping me and I simply kept my gait and pace the same. I felt more of a fight and flight reaction. I continued to jog along but looked the dog in the face and yelled "GO HOME!" in the most commanding voice I could muster. The fool continued to bark and keep up with me for about a block until he backed off and presumably went home. So, I agree with you that the alpha thing more or less worked for me, but that also the movement off his turf ended the conflict. Call me wuss, but I now try to avoid that block and will take a different route. I also will alter my route to avoid canine/human conflicts where possible. Like avoiding dealing with dangerously ingnorant humans, I would just rather avoid dealing with idoitic badly behaved dogs where possible too.


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