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August 10, 2005



i've been watchin that show for a long time now..still trying to decide whether i'll have one or not..i was thinking about one to represent a mix between a guitar and an amber lief..i have the sketch, i should have made my mind already!

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He is a good friend that speaks well of us behind our backs.

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So why did we hear rhat the bomb/flashlight was powerful enough to kill a person and creat large amount of damage. I bet the Barista is feeling a little ambaressed but they did the right thing by reporting it. Hey and I bet they well get alot of bussiness.

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I got a similar tatto on the neck, maybe i can send you some pictures let me know.

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I really like the tattos with style...

Im trying to find a pic of that tat that a girl had in memory of either her dad or her grandad. It was of a girl sitting on a dock/wharf and she had a heart with "dad" on it tattooes into her arm (like a tattoo within a tattoo) does anyone know what I mean???

the episode was "growing up", i just saw it and have been looking everywhere for a pic of it...thats one nice ass tattoo

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anybody remember what episode the pirate ship tattoo was on?


have you been able to find a picture of that pirate ship? i've been searching far and wide for it.

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