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August 09, 2005


Steve Rieske

I was one of Robb's friends who didn't drink. Now that I'm getting so old that I've acually forgatten the name of my High School (I'm pretty sure it was in Ohio somewhere) my views have changed a lot.
I hated everything to do with alcohol because, in my view, it only made guys want to fight and girls want to drop their pants. It never occurred to me that one could act normally and enjoy a beer because the whole scene was wrapped around getting blitzed out of one's mind and later calling it fun.
Possibly the most heinous part of it all is that the scene allows ridiculously bad beer like NattyLight and BudLight to be substituted for real beer. It wasn't until I was almost 30 that I ever knew what real beer tasted like. (If this last paragraph made no sense to you, find a beer brewed by the Great Lakes Brewing Company... you'll figure it out.)
The path to changing beer=drunk=fun cannot possibly be having our parents watch us do it.
Robb's observation couldn't be more right.

Duff Coleman

Love your analysis. I am a high school soccer coach and it drives me crazy when the parents expect (and facilitate) their kids drinking like fish.
I have a really hard time understanding why people get so upset about laws and the enforcement of laws. [Because everyone speeds, why do we have to have speed limits? Who says I can't drive on the sidewalk if I want! It's the MAN, it's the government that is trying to tell ME what to do!!!]
Our high school has around 400 students, and maybe 8 or 10 students in each grade refrain from drinking. Shouldn't we be celebrating the few who make good decisions rather than assuming "everyone drinks and we should help supply them"?
As in many schools, our district has a post-prom event, which attract students primarily by giving away lots of stuff donated by local businesses, and therefore keeps many of the kids from drinking on prom night up until around 4 AM.
Usually some idiot parents then have their "safe drinking, take their keys" parties beginning at 4 AM after all the effort to make the whole day alcohol free.
Thanks for speaking out on the side of reason.

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