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August 18, 2005


adam h

Hey Jenn...I want so much to believe you, really I do, but I can imagine the stress of living with such a surly guy for so long. You say in one part of your account (as told by Robb, to be fair) that you 'weren't paying attention' and 'just didn't see him', but also that you knew how he responded after you drove by. Interesting. I'm sure there's a simple explanation...Also that you 'certainly would not have used the Jeep'...leading one to wonder how much thought may have gone into what could have been used? The curious mention of having just paid off the jeep, bringing family finances into the equation...

I know, "Shut up, Adam!". I think I'll go upstairs and get in my family's way now.


Just to set the record straight, I was not trying to kill Robb. I certainly would not have used the Jeep we just paid off for the deed.
What he fails to relay in this post is that I got the same treatmet he gives to anyone who drives a little close to him while he's running... the backward turn with the hands in the air and along with some choice words.
The magic is truly still alive after all these years. -Jenn

steve rieske

Doesn't she know that wives who want to kill their husbands do much better if they try while he's sleeping? My personal suggestion for her is to try the old smother him with a pillow and then memorize words like "apnea."

Sorry, Robb... I'm guessing that you probably don't want me helping her.


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