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May 10, 2005


Wyatt Foard

Having closely known several people who have been affected by identity theft, and having seen laws passed (in Texas) that *require* all bars to swipe your drivers license to legally serve you an alcoholic beverage, and having been asked to sign the reciept of that swipe showing my name and address, the identity theft concern is not one to be taken lightly. Yes, I'm sure the implementation will attempt to make some information public and some restricted to readers with proper authority, but I have worked with security IC's and seen how easily that security has been defeated, not by breaking encryption algorithms, but simply by attacking other weaknesses in the system (it only takes one secure reader to make it on the black market to defeat the system). This program will cost a tremendous amount of money. It will endanger the personal financial stability of every citizen with no possibility to opt out. It will cause unnecessary difficulty for the millions of people who are not citizens but who are in this country legally. And, most important, it will not reduce terrorist activity (remember, some of the 9/11 hijackers had proper identification).

If this had been a properly debated proposal for a mandatory national ID card that was separate from drivers' licenses that people are already used to it would not have passed. If it had proposed everyone has to get a passport to travel via air it would not have passed. This bill and the way it was introduced were designed to keep people from thinking about it too much. Any time the government does something like that we need to question the motives.


You are absolutely wrong. The technology to scan these will undoubtedly be RFID. RFID is *not* expensive technology. TGIFridays won't have to ask for your data- they can have it on their screen before you've even seen the hostess if they have a mind to do it.

On top of that, for a few hundred bucks you could even build your own portable reader- handheld or even just a "collector" unit. Armed with a laptop, a few hundred bucks of radio goodies, and a GPS and I can walk around making a map of who lives where, *automatically*. I can leave that laptop running in my car under the seat and get a list of everyone that walks by it.

So what are you going to do when this is your drivers license? Walk to TGIFridays?

I can't make you see this- if you haven't already then you've sewn your own eyes shut.

adam h

It seems like every time this question came up in my college Political Science classes, the guys with the most strenuous objections to these sorts of 'privacy invasions' were always the ones who obviously smoked too much weed. It would be interesting to see if the opponents of the ID are just the cleaned-up, since-bathed adult versions of the cop-fearing stoners from university days?

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