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February 19, 2005


best video converter

@ebony1966, I burn at the speed suggested on the DVD blank media i.e. 4x or 8x DVD-R or DVD+R. Many here may suggest that you burn at 4x max. This has not worked for me and has created read errors. I have never burned faster than 8x speed. There are 16x blank DVD media out there but I have never used it. I use SONY 8x DVD-R most often using Nero Recode2 to burn primarily using the 1st option "Recode an entire DVD to DVD" and the last option "Slow Burn" (For quality burn) which encodes or compresses the DVD content. Most times I don't choose the option for additional analysis unless the disc I've recorded is in bad shape i.e. surface scratches or a possible poor burn. Also there are challenging encryption issues that arrise from time to time that can be tricky even with a copied DVD disc, so it's good to have a few encryption ripping programs like SHRINK, DVD Decrypter, DVD FAB, and DVD43, or any others mentioned by members here. NERO does not decrypt media content but is the best overall burn program I know next to "DVD DECRYPTER" which burns and decrypts. Again there are other popular software programs here. The ones I mentioned and suggested are free and the links are found on this website under software. Try the different burning options found within the decryption and burning software i.e. FILE, ISO, and IFO. The reason being that due to encryption challenges prensented on a given disc, The only way you may complete a succesful burn is to use these burn options that help to broaden your chances of a successful DVD burn.Use quality media like SONY or Verbatim. Poor media creates many issues like read errors and you can find a bad disc in any spindle, but you lessen this chance with quality media. They're is more to know about the anotomy of DVD disc and a search of this site will lead you to information about what makes one DVD blank disc media better than others. SONY is the most available great quality media, available at your most popular retail oulets here in the states like Best Buy, Circuit City, Walmart etc and is often on sale.:)

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