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January 20, 2005



Run/fight (repeat ad nauseum.) Discard ring.

or the broken down version...

Halfling given ring; nine go on adventure.
Frogthing is schitzo; westward, epic battle rages.
Everyone fights while the Ring is destroyed.

adam h

Pet detective nails babe, rescues Dan, dolphin.

adam h

Bullwhip-wielding archaeologist saves world from Nazis.

adam h

The Pentavarite, as it were:

Whitebread southpaw withstands champ's onslaught, finds love.

White heavyweight champ? Carl Weathers is pissed.

Clubber wins, Rocky goes black, regains title.

Rocky beats Drago, delivers stirring anticommunist speech.

Idiot Paulie loses fortune, Rocky schools protege.

adam h

Will Smith fights aliens...wait, which time?

adam h

Jessie Spano naked...not all I'd hoped.

adam h

Asian janitor assists youthful (but aged) student.

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