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June 22, 2004


White Trash Spokesperson

Update: this cop was out of line, again. This particular officer has a history of rash behavior and improper conduct. Since this fine family has filed suit against the officer and the department, which no one else has had the courage to do to date, a flood of letters of support have arrived at the courthouse explaining how this officer has acted in this unlawful manner in the past. In fact, when news of this latest assault by this officer reached some in the local community, they were overheard to have exclaimed, "He's done it again."

This family makes Mother Theresa look like Osama Bin Laden. They are the kindest, most demure people on the planet. Properly trained public safety officers are skilled in methods used to diffuse situations. Instead, this officer, knowing he was in fact driving recklessly, over-reacted and created a myopic situation that has received misleading international attention from which it will be "nigh on to impossible" for this family to recover. (Thought I would throw in some white trash phrases to satisfy your blood-lust)

When Running at the Mouth contrubutes to the slander of a fine family, then it too is defamatory and should be held accountable. Journalistic integrity requires objectivity. Your treatment of this story has instead has been bitten by the bias of a grocery store tabloid.

I and many supporters of this family and probity in law enforcement will be in the court room to make sure the truth is heard. Stay tuned . . .

friend of the family

This is a very good family. They are all christians and have a strong love within their family. Their story has been twisted to make them out to be bad people, when in reality they are the best folks you'll ever meet. They would help you in a heartbeat. The truth is yes Lance should have just let the cop get away with breaking the law and then they wouldn't have had to deal with this power tripping cop and the whole redneck crew of officers.

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