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January 26, 2004



Oh by the way- Jesus would actually confront you and tell you that you are a sinner and to repent. Would you like that one better? Or would that be too pushy?


I think he is right to attack the sex business. I myself have been sexually abused by "porn lovers" and have a husband who is a sex addict. There is such a thing. What makes it right for those people who are copying things that they see in these vids and mags? Ever watch the last tape of Ted Bundy? His sprees started out viewing porn and enacting it. It progressed because it was never enough! How many of you guys could go with out buying porn? Not very many because you got to have it. No one is immune. Sex is everywhere in our society. No one cares that it tears apart families and ruins marriges! No one seems to care that 80%+ of out inmates look at porn regularly. Oh I forgot porn is part of free speech!

Britton Smith

i see we start taking pictures any time we see a priest (or nun) with a child and mail it to the child's parents with the message "please don't let this beautiful child get molested, this person might be a pedophile"


Does anyone care that three people have come to his families in crisis church for counseling?
They are invited to the church and are welcomed with loving arms. Come to our church sometime and see what kind of people attend. We are all sinners and other sinners are welcome. I don't know anyone without sin except Jesus.


Heckaroni, some of my best porn I buy from the local minister.


Hm I'm not sure what to think about that. And yes there is nothing worse than a reformed whatever, drinker, smoker. Part of me thinks he was right to do that, part of me doesn't.


I don't think it's right to sell porn from a church.


"There's nothin' worse than a reformed drunk."

The thing that amazes me about these judges of others is that we all came into the world kicking, red-faced, and screaming. Yet a not small contingent of us thinks they have standing to tell others of us how we should be living our lives.

I don't mind that until they start using the levers of state power to force their righteousness on the unwilling.

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