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January 18, 2004


Raage B.

Pele is the greatest ever, then jordan, woods, ali, Diego M., etc. Forget Bonds.

Shinae Bailey

Yeha i agree with the comment Jesss placed, as she is sitting next to me hahaha..Mah ha ha ha ha...I think that americans and china men should learn to bond better, rather then fight about whos chopstyicks hit who in the head.I also vote for world peace, and i would like to thank my mum fofr giving birth to me and all the pain she suffered.I also thank thre ice cream parlour for the good ice cream i just ate. ROCK ON AND SWING YOUR PANTS!!!!!


MUHAMMAD ALI for sure should be on this list u dum fat american

henry colquitt

There is no way that Walter Payton, Larry Bird, Joe Montana and Abdul Jabbar should not be on this list. Michael Vick , Roy Jones Jr. should clearly be removed


Have you guys ever heard of someone named Michelle Kwan? Why don't you look up her stats and compare them with those of the athletes on your list? And then think about the relative difficulty of her sport vs. baseball, football, etc. She belongs very high on your list. It's meaningless without her.

J Harp

Golf is def. not a sport but Tiger is the exception to the rule. Take out Vick and put MJ @ #1. Slash Barry because he admitted to juicing. Joe Montana had a great team, he was NOT a great athlete, Marino was better the Montana, we just can't name any of the past receivers he played with. Way to give a credit to athletes like ironmen and cycling. Scrap Griffy Jr., he to soft to be great. Oh yeah, women do have talent also so don't forget about them. The overall list was fair though.


Hey, I like your list, but I'd just like to point out that you mention only sports popular in America...also, you didn't mention one of the greatest runners of our time, Hicham El Guerrouj, who, since 1996, has only lost four times on 1500 or mile events...he also had a 29 race winning streak which was broken nearing Athens....The guys holds the world record mile, and he is a four time world champion.........I just say this because you did not mention any runners...(aside from Lewis..)


Im surprised that Barry Bonds is ranked so high. Considering that he's never won a World series ring.

I would strike Vick because of the short career at this point, remove Bonds for steroids.

I would consider adding Kjetil Aamondt or one of a host of outstanding skiiers, Ian Thorpe or Michael Phelps from swimming.

And I would leave Lance Armstrong at #1.


Where is 200 and 400 meter WR holder Michael Johnson?


Joe Montana is the best football player ever.


I do think that leonard was a great boxer, but simply put--muhommad ali was the greatest boxer to ever live. no other athelete in history achieved a level as he. He was an icon w/ in the world of boxing, as well as a political icon around the globe...and would have been even greater, had he not missed a number of years of his prime.


An American list that is full of american sports. How the hell can the person say that soccer isn't a boys game when in american football all these big tought men wear loads of padding and helmets....ever watched rugby??

Lance Armstrong, Navratilova and Carl Lewis are the only ones that would have made mine. Michael Jordan plays a minority sport in global terms. Americans need to learn there is a whole world outside America. By the way Ronaldo is no where nar the greatest footballer of the past 25 years.

john caulfield

jordan no 1 without a shadow of a doubt. also where are pele and muhommad ali(def 2 of the greatest).

Clay Parker

Not a bad list...here are my opinions. If this is truly a worldwide list, Graf has to be included (I would put her above Martina). Ronaldo is awesome but Maradona's had a greater career and deserves a higher ranking. Good seeing Roy Jones & Mark Allen but where is Larry Bird, Michael Johnson & Karch Kiraly. Also, on the international scene - Karelin, Bubka & Jonah Lomu should be included. I wouldn't include Vick at this time and I would also take off Leonard & Griffey..great but not top 25. Finally, Elway is awesome but Joe Montana deserves a higher ranking! Seeing JJK so high and Bo Jackson are great! Overall, a pretty solid list!


Why the hell is Steve Redgrave not on your list. He is arguably the greatest Olympian ever to grace this planet.


Personally, I think the rules of baseball (and the fact that they permit overweight specialists to play) should prohibit baseball players from the top ten.

Let me second the vote for Montana over Elway, and where the heck is Pele?


great list.

saw some really deserving names on there - i loved the Elway entry.



Give golf some respect! If having fat players needing to wear a 'Bro' disqualifies something as a sport, then baseball is out, too. The list of fat pitchers is endless. Fernando Valenzuela? David Wells? Clemens?

Not that you asked for my opinion, but I think that all games sit somewhere on a sliding scale between 'athletic activity' and 'game of skill'. A sport like the triathlon would be far on the 'athletic activity' side, whereas something like golf would be towards the 'skill' side. Where you draw the line that separates 'sport' from 'game' is pretty arbitrary and personal.

23/2, interesting m/f ratio.

Horst Graben

Joe Montana? No way he is behind Elway.

Bonds is a big-game chocker and his records are likely steriod assisted, therefore, he should not be on any "top" lists.


Graf, Steffi Graf.

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