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December 17, 2003


Attila G

Mr. Crichton argument is articulate, but he doesn't take an entirely scientific approach to the issue in face of the evidence of the rate of environmental destruction. And he doesn't address that this destruction in the world today is driven primarily by economic forces.

With more and more fish species fished almost to extinction, the rain forests disappearing, and animals becoming extinct, I would rather listen to the religion of 'environmentalism' than the current 'religion' that profit justifies any action. If we don't practice sustainable practices, it means that we are practicing unsustainable practices.

We all need clean air, clean water, and a safe and dependable food supply. We shouldn't allow market forces to determine who can afford these basic human rights. I don't know where he wants to place his faith, but I place mine in the desire to have the basic rights of survival available for all people.

I would err on being overly protective of the environment rather than continue the current process of continiously erring with policies that continue to destroy our environment.

And I would disagree on the issue of global warming (but I'm not a scientist). I think it is a concern. When you change any input, it affects the output. People may not agree on the degree of change (pun intended), but that is not to say that there isn't a change. The environment is probably a lot more sensitive then we think, at least to support human life.

Some people care if the last whale dies, and some people just don't.

so it goes

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